Central New York Sources Locally Grown Ingredients for Fantastic Flavors

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The Central New York locavore scene is completely fueled by flavor. Locally grown ingredients contribute to some of the most enviable menus in the Northeast.

Restaurants in the region use dozens of nearby producers to craft one-of-a-kind, fresh and delicious plates. Locavore restaurants thrive here thanks to deep roots in agriculture that have brought quality products to market for centuries. “We believe in supporting the food traditions that create the culture of our community,” says Kristen Leonard, co-owner of Origins Cafe in Cooperstown.

Everything served at Origins is locally sourced. In fact, most of their ingredients come right out of Origins’ greenhouse that built by co-owners Kristen and Dana Leonard’s father. Inside are fresh herbs, tropical plants, coffee beans and fruits – all of which contribute to an ever-changing menu that is based on what is available and what is the freshest to serve for that day.

Empire Brewing Co. Owner David Katleski focuses on New York food production to get the best and the freshest products for Syracuse brewpub and farmstead brewery in nearby Cazenovia.

An award-winning brewery, Empire Brewing Co. aspires to provide its customers with the finest, all-natural ingredients available by using fresh, locally sourced products. They define their business philosophy with the phrases, “Eat Where You Live,” and “We Grow Beer.”

Empire does business with over 60 different farmers from Central New York. They buy all hops and barley in-state, and use all-New York renewable energy.

In 2007, Katleski tested a carbon footprint with one single piece of food and determined that it was traveling over 3,500 miles before it even got to the plate.

“We started focusing on sustainability and focusing on utilizing all of the resources that are abundant to us in Central New York,” Katleski says.