Flowing, flat, falling or cresting, the waterways that carved the profile of the Central New York landscape make it a destination for wet recreation today.

Sit beside ancient waterfalls, walk along the legendary Erie Canal or launch your canoe in a rushing river. Boat the glacial lakes of Central New York, bike the scenic watershed or wet a line in a local stream.


The waters of Central New York take center stage at our parks or hide among our 184,500-plus acres of state lands, waiting to be discovered.

The fun and history pour out of every water feature here, from the Chenango Valley State Park kettle lakes tens of thousands of years in the making to the 36-mile-long Old Erie Canal State Park.

Cooperstown’s Otsego Lake has a historic identity as the fictional Glimmerglass of great American author James Fenimore Cooper’s classic Leatherstocking Tales.


All of Central New York’s aquatic attractions offer plenty of land-based outdoor activities as well.

Central New York’s five wondrous waterfalls, ranging in height from 50 to 167 feet, make perfect companions for a day of hiking or biking. The sandy landscape and picturesque sunsets of Verona Beach make it a great place to relax after a day of boating or fishing on Oneida Lake.

Dive into Central New York’s water culture at many of the region’s 55-plus parks and 140-plus state lands.