Towns & Villages

Within the eight counties that make up Central New York, quaint towns and villages wait to be explored. These towns and villages are filled with warm hospitality and charming bed and breakfasts that are perfect for those looking for a place to enjoy a little rest and relaxation.

Couple shopping on Main Street in Cooperstown

The American Hotel in Sharon Springs has become a local favorite and a popular place for tourists to stay. The American Hotel is comprised of nine rooms, each with their own unique feel.

You’ll wake up in the morning to a full breakfast that’s included with your stay. You can also enjoy lunch or dinner at their award-winning restaurant that offers a variety of delectable menu items and craft cocktails. Their menu items consist of ingredients from local farmers and bakeries. 

With the hotel’s historically beautiful perennial patio, you can enjoy a little outdoor relaxation in one of their many Adirondack chairs. The hotel also hosts a series of events including a Garden Party, Harvest Festival and Victorian Holiday Celebration.

Nestled in downtown Norwich sits a beautiful Victorian home, the Splendor Inn. Choose from six spacious guest rooms and wake up to a scrumptious full breakfast. You may invite friends in the nearby community to breakfast if there is enough space in the dining room for a small fee.

The Splendor Inn Tea Room is also open seasonally for those you who enjoy a relaxing afternoon tea session.

The inn is also within walking distance from local restaurants, bars and the Northeast Classic Car Museum.

Aisle of classic cars

South of Clinton, is the Blueberry Brook Bed & Breakfast. This peaceful country getaway provides guests with a locally-grown breakfast including homegrown blueberry pancakes served with local maple syrup and seasonal fruit with homemade baked goods.

Surrounded by beautiful trees and gardens, and an organic blueberry field makes Blueberry Brooke, a great place to stay with a significant other or the family.

In Central New York, these bed and breakfasts serve as the perfect home away from home. All you have to do is simply choose your favorite and begin your weekend adventure filled with unforgettable memories.