From Hidden Gems to Sweet Treats, These ‘Mom and Pops’ Are Worth a Stop

Couple shopping on Main Street in Cooperstown

We all love a good locally-owned shop that came from humble beginnings. It’s often that some of the smaller, “Mom and Pop” businesses provide some of the best products, food and baked goods the area has to offer. Central New York just so happens to have some of the best to be on the lookout for …

Lee’s Shops at Wagner Square

Head to Lee’s Shops at Wagner Square in Canajoharie in Montgomery County. One of the first shops you’ll come across is Lee’s Christmas Corner. Find all of your holiday favorites from garlands and wreaths to nativity sets and tree toppers year round.

Lee’s Shops also includes Freddy Bear’s Den, which is the perfect place to pick up a special gift for your niece, nephew or toddler. Choose from a wide selection of teddy bears, games, puzzle, books and more!

Stop by the home décor shop in Wagner Square or the Simply Nicole Boutique on your way out. Browse vintage and modern finds at the home décor shop and look through unique clothing items, jewelry and purses at the boutique.

Whole In the Wall

Although not your traditional mom and pop store, Whole In the Wall has been owned by the same owner, Eliot Fiks, since 1980. This quaint spot offers a wide variety of delicious international foods made from all-natural ingredients.

They aim to make everything they serve hardy and flavorful. From fresh bagels and creamy soups to a numerous amount of vegetarian options, Whole In the Wall has something to eat for everyone. They are most famous for their homemade pesto. Try a few flavors and purchase your favorite to take home with you!

Burger meal on a plate

Soda Jerks

In Oneonta, you’ll find an auto shop that offers more than just car repairs. Soda Jerks is run by Butch and Linda Burgher right out of Action Lube.

Soda Jerks offers and authentic diner experience with breakfast, lunch and dinner on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Their menu includes farm-fresh options such as eggs and local ground beef as well as a few diner favorites including fluffy pancakes and savory sandwiches. MANNmade Cakes are very popular among the items you can order at Soda Jerks. These specialty cakes are vegan-friendly, gluten-free and sugar-free. Enjoy a professionally decorated cake with Oneonta Butter Cream, fondant or gum paste work.

Flour and Salt

With a desire to bring joy and a friendly atmosphere to the Hamilton area, Britty and Brendan opened Flour and Salt, their full-time brick-and-mortar shop with delicious breakfast, lunch and sweet treat offerings.

Their baked artisan goods include bagels, various breads, cupcakes, cakes and pastries are made from scratch daily. The bagels are hand-rolled and boiled to perfection to ensure the best taste and texture possible. Even their sandwiches are carefully stacked with locally-sourced ingredients that are made right at the shop.

Britty and Brendan take pride in being a part of the Hamilton community and love engaging with customers as they walk through the door. Take a tour through some of Central New York’s best “Mom and Pop” locations, and be sure to log your favorites on your travel app of choice!