Central New York Makes a Great Multi-Day Destination for Snowmobile Trips

Parked snowmobiles

Whether you get your snowmobiles here by trailers or trail, New York state and its 10,500 miles of maintained trails make up a great multi-day snowmobile trip for riders who revel in winter.

Central New York is at the heart of a massive snowmobile trail system that nearly covers the state from east to west.

Tons of Snowmobile Trails and Friendly Towns

The 2,000 miles of trail here in Central New York designate the region as the perfect base camp for travelers from Pennsylvania, New York City and Connecticut. The well-maintained corridors and loops are also worthy destinations for out-of-staters, especially those who choose to sled right in from Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont.

With plenty of small towns, pit stops and lodging along the way, Central New York is a great warmup for long-distance riders looking to tour the state. When you’re ready to spend a weekend in sled heaven, there are a few Central New York snowmobile spots you won’t want to miss.

At the Center of the Snowmobile Trail System in Montgomery County

Snowmobiles driving on ice

Trail-heavy Montgomery County is Central New York’s main gateway to the Adirondacks. Snowmobilers could spend a few days on Montgomery County’s several hundreds miles of trails alone. Either way, repeat trips are necessary.

The Snowmobile Capital of the East

Old Forge, New York, is the snowmobile capital of the East. The Old Forge snowmobile trail system connects with all major snowmobile trail systems in Central New York with two shifts of paid trail grooming daily to keep the trails in top condition. The scenic trails feature the beautiful Adirondacks.

Cruise Cave Country in Schoharie County

Home to the famous caverns of Howes Cave, Schoharie County transforms into a scenic snowmobile detour come cold weather. Wind your way through Featherstonhaugh, Charleston and Lost Valley state forests on a beautiful loop around the county.

Leatherstocking Sledding in Otsego County

Enjoy 300 miles of hilltop views in the foothills of the Catskills. Long ago, Otsego County and Cooperstown represented the frontier made famous by James Fenimore Cooper’s Leatherstocking Tales. In all seasons, this remains rugged country for outdoor adventurers, but it’s particularly breathtaking during winter.

All Trails Lead to Chenango County

Chenango County has more state land than any other county outside New York’s Adirondack Park. Some 60 percent of the county is forested, which provides for several days of fun, scenic sledding. Several north-south routes connect to the grand New York State Corridor Snowmobile Trail System, including the 130 continuous miles that wind through Brookfield State Forest.

Hundreds of Miles More in Madison County

Enjoy snowmobiling on hundreds of miles of the most interesting and well maintained trail networks in the state when you visit Madison County. There are trails for all levels of riders, so you can bring the whole family. Ride along winding woodland trails with abounding wildlife in the hills of southern Madison County. Enjoy the patchwork of hardwood and coniferous forests among the rural setting of agricultural lands.

Get Even More Mileage in Oneida County

Add another 540 miles to your snowmobile trip in Oneida County, where a dozen clubs lovingly groom the snow paths. With plenty of forests, parks and places to stop along the way, it’s easy to make a day or weekend of it.

As an added bonus, you can save $55 on your New York state snowmobile registration when you join the Oneida County Area Snowmobile Association. You’ll undoubtedly want to return to the scenic trails here anyway.

Hit the Snow in Central New York

Snowmobiler driving through the woods

Before snowmobilers craft their own winter adventure in Central New York, they’ll need to register their sleds with the state. Good news: If you’re registered in your home state, you can get your New York registration here.

So, get your sticker and explore New York’s world-class winter trails, starting with these snowmobiling “hotspots” of Central New York!